Say Goodbye to Unsightly Scars!

 Silgel box + tube

It’s with great pleasure that we can announce the launch of Silgel™ – a fantastic scar treatment product, offered direct to consumers for the first time.

Innovation is at the forefront of all of our products and Silgel™ is no exception – a clear, non-sticky, pure silicone gel which can be applied daily, Silgel™ has been clinically proven to be effective in treating both new and existing scars. During our trials, 80% of respondents found that Silgel™ both flattened the appearance of their scar and faded the colouration and 90% reported the consistency of their scar to be much softer after use.

Scarring is an issue that affects many of us, a fact that is reflected in the continued growth of the scar treatment market. In 2014, the global market was valued at $15.29 billion, yet by 2019 this value is expected to reach a colossal $23.62 billion! The launch of Silgel™ to the consumer has marked a key step in addressing this increasing demand for effective healing solutions.

Having been used by surgeons as part of their patient’s aftercare for over 15 years, Silgel™ works by creating a barrier on the skin which helps to retain moisture and in turn, encourage the skin’s own natural healing process, resulting in a smoother, softer and more even appearance. 100% safe and free from preservatives, colours and perfumes, Silgel™ is suitable for all skin types and is effective in the treatment of keloids, hypertrophic scars and associated erythema, including scars from burns, surgery, wounds and c-sections.

We are delighted to have brought Silgel™ to consumers for the first time, using our extensive silicone expertise and surgeon feedback to offer a product that can help our customers to feel more content in themselves.To find out more, do visit where you’ll find all the information you need.

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