What’s the difference between round and anatomical (tear drop shaped) implants?

Round implants add volume to the upper part of the breast giving a lifted look, while contoured (anatomical) implants give a more discreet look more in keeping with the natural shape of the breast.

What is ‘profile’?

This is the ‘projection’ of the implant – so how far it will stand out. We make a variety of different profiles to fit different women and the looks they want to achieve. High and extra high are the largest, while medium and low are more subtle.

Why are there so many different shapes and sizes?

Because women are different shapes and sizes, and want to achieve different looks. Whether you’re considering curvy silhouette, would like to create small-but-perfectly-formed breasts, or restore fullness after losing weight. All will need a different shape, size and profile implant, so we offer physicians and expansive range to choose from to find your perfect fit.

How do I decide the size and shape that’s right for me?

Breast size and shape should be something to talk about with your surgeon. You’ll also want to discuss whether to use round or anatomical shaped implants and review the many choices of size and weight available.

You’ll need to think before your consultation about the shape and overall size that you are seeking, then talk with your surgeon about which implants will get you as close to your desired shape as possible.

Your body’s size and characteristics, along with your desire for a specific shape and size, will usually dictate what is possible. You should be aware that after implant surgery one woman’s breasts will be different to another’s even though the same implant size and shape were used – your natural breast tissue, amongst other things, affects the results.

What if they’re too big?

Many women believe they will be too large after surgery and ask their surgeon to choose a smaller size than they actually want. However, you will likely become more comfortable with your new breast shape after surgery… in fact, many wish they had opted for a larger size after all!

A good way to really to show you feel is to collect photos of breasts you admire to discuss.

What if I want to go really big?

It’s your body and it’s your choice! Some women desire a larger implant than fits their natural body proportions. You’ll need to talk about what’s practical and possible with your surgeon and trust their judgement – after all, they have performed many procedures, and are true experts in beautiful results.

Will they look fake?

It depends if you want them to! Each woman’s body is different, and before and after photos of women who have had breast implant surgery aren’t always representative of what you’ll look like. If you want natural-looking results, make it clear to your surgeon from the outset, and they’ll advise what’s possible.

What if I don’t like them?

If you’ve carefully researched, checked your surgeon’s credentials and taken the time to feel really confident about your decision, it’s unlikely you’ll be unhappy with the results of your surgery.

How long will my new breasts last?

Your breast implants will need to be replaced during the course of your life. Implants are not lifetime devices and are subject to wear and tear like any other implant device e.g. Tooth fillings, heart valves, hip joints.1

What about the PIP scandal? Are Nagor implants safe?

PIP implants were made of non-medical grade silicone. Our implants are a premium product, and have always been made to the very highest standards. In fact, we have one of the lowest rupture2. rates on the market, and you’re fully protected with our GCA Comfort Guarantee.

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