Form Stable High Cohesive Silicone Gel

Premium anatomically shaped (teardrop) implants, with a planning system to help your physician ensure a beautiful, precise fit. Available in 90 different variations, these implants are made of form stable high cohesive silicone gel with a textured surface and special 360 Degree Barrier Layer.

Nagotex® Textured Surface
SiloGard 360° Barrier Shell Technology
9 Different Cells with 90 Different Variations
3 Variable Heights
3 Variable Projections
Form Stable High Cohesive Silicone Gel-fill
A Unique Preoperative Planning System for Greater Precision and Custom Fitting
Projection Low Moderate High
Full Height CoGel-XF1 CoGel-XF2 CoGel-XF3
Moderate Height CoGel-XM1 CoGel-XM2 CoGel-XM3
Low Heights CoGel-XL1 CoGel-XL2 CoGel-XL3