As girls around me developed, I never did.

Jessica, 28

I had my first breast augmentation at the age of 21, I’d wanted one for as long as I could remember.

From 11-18, I went to an all-girls boarding school and as they all developed, I never did. For a year or two I was bullied a lot about it and called names like ‘floor’ and ‘ironing board’. I think that had a profound affect on my confidence.

I never wanted really big boobs – if i’d been a natural B cup, I never would have had them done, but I’m 5ft 7in with broad shoulders and even though I was a size 8/10, I felt very out of proportion.

I’d heard good things about a particular clinic so went for a consultation. Eventually I underwent the procedure with them and went up to a 32D. I was completely and utterly thrilled with the results and how it has enabled me to wear anything I want without worrying about whether I could wear my wonderbra and chicken fillets.

We’re sharing these stories to help you make an informed decision about surgery. Your personal results will depend on your natural breasts, frame and individual circumstances. Changing your shape can make a big difference to your confidence, but remember surgery can only change the size and shape of your breasts.
The rest is up to the new, more shapely you.