I felt the Nagor surgeon spent so much time with me and answered all my queries.

Helen, 42

When I was first notified that my original 2005 implants were PIP, I took no notice. I’d not heard anything about them and it was only when it was reported on the news that I started to worry!

I didn’t want to return to my original surgeon, as I felt let down by him using unstable implants in the first place, so went to see three different surgeons with various offers, types of implant, guarantees and aftercare packages. I read the info and stats from most implant websites, including rupture percentages, as for me to go through this again was financially and emotionally difficult.

After lots of research, it came down to a choice between Nagor and another brand. Both had fantastic reviews and guarantees. To be totally honest, it came down to the physicians. The surgeon using the other brand had no time to answer my questions and I felt a little like he just wanted my cash with no real care for me personally; whereas my Nagor surgeon spent so much time with me and my queries, he made me feel important. He was so positive with the Nagor implants and answered everything without using guides.

The deciding factors for me was the knowledge of my surgeon, his reputation and his belief in the product; his honesty and confidence was what I needed.

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